It is our great pleasure to have your helping hands for our community.

First of all, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce our village. There are 34 VDCs are in Solukhumbu district. Among of them Waku Village Development Committee is one of remote VDC in Solukhumbu.  Health and Education facilities, already severely lacking, are moving backward instead of forward. There are at least eight thousand people who are out of reach of even basic Education and Healthcare. A sub-health post was established 15 years ago but it cannot provide enough services because of severe geographical challenges and lack of staff.  Dozens of people are dying without any treatment or medicines. These tragedies made us think, so we decided to tell the government and sent many requests as well as applications to run an out-reach clinic.  Our requests were unsuccessful. We were still in search of way to establish a clinic and support to the people through the health project. 

One evening, our co-founder Lama Dendi Sherpa, was having dinner with David Groves after a day of trekking near Annapurna.   The two had only known eachother for a week but were rapidly becoming good friends.  David had provided some assistance to the Shahid Gangalal National Heart Center prior to the trek and the dinner discussion quickly came around to the plight of the villagers in Solukhumbu.  At the dinner table that night Dendi and David resolved to join forces and build a facility to help relieve the suffering of the villagers.  What followed was a nearly two year long effort involving so many people we cannot thank all of them here.

We have constructed a clinic building containing 6 rooms. The building exterior is finished and we continue to furnish and build-out the interior.  We hired an ANM professional to provide treatment at the facility and many villagers come every day for care.  

We have ongoing challenges such as obtaining necessary medicines, paying staff salary and more.   Despite these obstacles, we are determined to continue the project and even to expand it.

Some materials needed to continue improving the facility

  1. Furnishings for the interior such as: additional beds, blankets, chairs, etc.
  2. Solar or generator equipment to provide reliable power
  3. Equipment and medicine of all kinds

Monthly Expenditures:

  1. Health Assistant (HA) NRs. 25000
  2. ANM (Auxiliary Nurse Midwife) NRs. 18000
  3. Helper NRs. 12000
  4. Medicines and other expenditures NRs. 20000

So, from the people from Waku Village Development Committee including ourselves, we respectfully request your support as you can to continue our alliance.  If there are any questions, we are always ready to provide any information and documents. Thank you so much for your kind cooperation. We will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Some Contact Information:

Nepal Contact


Contact number: +977-1-4822142, +977-9841549527 (Da Dendi Sherpa)

USA Contact


Contact number: +1-818-929-7171 (David E. Groves)

David resides in Los Angeles, California, USA and is also available to meet interested parties personally


Thank you so much!

With Best Regards,
Global Service Foundation (GSF) Team